We are a community of peepu who love to keep fit, donate, network, travel and stay happy


 A community of fitness, fun and charity lovers. 

Your Health 100%

Bringing to you all you ever need to stay healthly, live healthy and eat healthy. 

Our E-commerce Store is Now Open!

Our e-commerce

Store is Now Open!.

Our Store is Now


Our Store is Now Open!.

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We are a group of peepu who love to keep fit, relax, travel and pray….its all about our spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing


The Healthy You by PEEPU is all about our wellbeing

Aerobics & Cardios

Aerobics is recommended by
doctors to people with,
or at risk for heart disease


Swimming is a great recreational
activity for people of all ages


Taking up cycling can be one
of the best decisions you’ll make in life

Personal Training

A personal trainer is the fitness
professional and the motivation you need.


We also like to connect and network together  on our social platforms and media


Studies have highlighted the cardiovascular health benefits of taking a vacation.


Giving to a charity may make you feel good, and also help boost your physical health and mental well-being


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The Healthy You by PEEPU is all about our wellbeing


Satisfied Clients



Why we are different

We come together every Saturday to exercise or go on a tour (once every month, last saturday of the month to be precise), we also relax, learn, pray, network, donate to charity (every november) from time to time. Our physical exercise programs include swimming, cycling, walk, outdoor cardio, dance, sauna, outdoor games, massage and yoga.


Our Blog

Independence Day HangOut by Peepu

Independence Day HangOut by Peepu

Wear your shoes.....get set......October 1st, we move Oct 1st IS UPON US. How do you plan on spending it...?.. Join us @peepu for a fun trip and and tour to one of the best views lagos has to offer. You are probably...

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Benefits of swimming.

Benefits of swimming.

No matter what your fitness level, the general benefits of swimming are yours to go out and grab and make your own. It has the power to give your muscles a makeover, transform you into a cardio king, turn back the...

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A Trip To Omu Resort

A Trip To Omu Resort

The world of OMU RESORT is set in a rainforest environment, it allows guests experience and be inspired by the wonders of nature. Nestled in a peaceful neighbourhood, occupying a land area of approximately 22 hectares...

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Three things in life –
your health, your mission, & the “Peepu” you love.That’s it.

Naval Ravikant


Join PEEPU today and experience a whole new world of healthy living, fun and activities. Join our social media platforms today or give us a call and we will get in touch with you. Your health means a lot to us.

From Our Satisfied Clients

My experience after joining peepu has been an inspiring and captivating one which has exposed me to different healthy lifestyle activities ranging from swimming, cardio, relationship tips, great aerobic workout, and especially the tour where I  meet and network with great minds.
Peepu is one group I’ll advice you to join for a healthy lifestyle and general well being


Human Resources/Business Intelligence Analyst., ERP School Africa.

“I joined THY peepu about 5 months ago and honestly I wish I had joined earlier, every of the programs feels like its tailor make for me, from the swimming to the cycling, to the dance and cardio to the walkup to the fun part, monthly tour, every single program always leaves me feeling better. Now I feel a lot better, healthier and my sleep is sound..”

Adebimpe Adeleke

CRO , Access Bank

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